Rihanna styled her ginormous coat with a teeny tiny backpack, because, well, of course

A good fashion rule of thumb is to pair an oversized piece of clothing with a more form-fitting piece. For example, if you choose to wear a baggy sweater, opt for leggings or skinny jeans to wear with it in for a figure-flattering look. One fashion icon recently took some creative liberty with this idea. Rihanna styled her huge coat with a teeny backpack and we’re not questioning it in the slightest.

The singer — and now actress — was spotted in New York City this week in the ensemble. She clearly wasn’t messing with the cold and rainy East Coast weather judging by her Vetements x Canada Goose parka and her classic Wellington rain boots.


Rihanna’s tiny-yet-fashionable Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini backpack seems to be one of her staple accessories. She was seen out-and-about with it in New York back in December…


…And also toting it around Los Angeles. For someone who loves her oversized clothing, this little bag is the perfect dainty add-on.


The mini backpack is a recognizable throwback to the ’90s (see Cher’s multitude of mini backpacks in Clueless for reference). And because the ’90s are back in a big way, we’re seeing these little guys anywhere and everywhere.

Forever 21 has several that will make the nostalgia hit you like a ton of bricks.


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Now all you need is to whip out that huge winter coat you’ve been saving for the snow-pocalypse and you have yourself a Rihanna-inspired outfit!

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