Rihanna explained why she steals wine glasses from restaurants, and hear her out, people

It’s no secret that we’re 100%, unapologetically obsessed with Rihanna. Her music is amazing, her style is on point, and her Fenty makeup line is, quite simply, legendary. As far as we’re concerned, RiRi can do no wrong — even when she’s technically doing something wrong.

Rihanna and several other members of the Ocean’s 8 cast appeared on the June 15th episode of The  Graham Norton Show to promote their new movie, and Norton took the opportunity to highlight something especially, um, unique about the hip-hop star. The host showed a series of (many) paparazzi pics of Rihanna leaving bars and restaurants with full wine glasses. As in, she was ready to leave but hadn’t finished her drink…so she just took it with her, crystal wine glass and all.

However, always quick on her feet, RiRi provided an abundance of logical explanations.

"That might have been one that I TOOK to the club," she said about one of the pics.

"I took that back to the hotel that I took it from," she said of another.

LOL, girl.

Check out the full video — with all the pics — below.


Perhaps the best part of the entire exchange? Rihanna ending the exchange with,

"My mom is gonna see this. Sorry, Mom."

While we never would condone stealing, we’re gonna go ahead and give Rihanna a pass on this one (because is it really stealing if you don’t try to hide it and the establishment lets you do it — or is it kind of like accepting a gift?).

We’re gonna file this under: We love you anyway, Rihanna. And maybe suggest you invest in a to-go cup?

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