Rihanna’s friends keep pranking her into taking videos and it’s the funniest thing ever

Rihanna may be on of the biggest stars on the whole planet, but that doesn’t mean that her friends don’t play HILARIOUS pranks on her all the time, including taking hilarious videos.

Basically, Rihanna’s best friend Leandra is constantly on tour with the singer, and she pretty much documents everything that happens backstage and behind-the-scenes via Snapchat or Instagram.

Everyone plays the occasional prank on their friends, right? And it seems that Leandra is no different when it comes to Rihanna.

A compilation video uploaded to Twitter seems to show Rihanna constantly being tricked into thinking that she’s having her picture taken when it’s actually a video. It’s actually hilarious.



We love how frustrated she gets when Leandra keeps doing it and she keeps posing. It’s such a simple joke, but it’s super effective. It sort of reminds us of all the annoying pranks we used to play on each other as kids, right?

While it seems that RiRi might have caught on to the videos now, it seems that Leandra has decided to embrace filming with the superstar to create so more hilarious videos using Snapchat filters.

This one is particularly special!

We love that despite touring the world, Rihanna is able to have fun with her friends, and we’re so happy that Leandra is able to bring these hilarious nuggets to us via video.

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