Rihanna played cashier at her pop-up event — and you better have her money

Imagine you’re at your favorite shopping spot and you’re ready to cash out. You head up to the register and see Rihanna — yes, the Rihanna — working the register. Uh, we’d flip the freak out! The self-proclaimed “bad girl” did just that in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Because Rihanna played cashier at her Fenty x Puma pop-up event, and the crowd went wild.

The event took place at 1050 Wilcox Ave and Puma confirmed Rihanna’s appearance via Twitter yesterday afternoon. But the fact that Rihanna wasn’t just appearing, but also working the event, made the whole situation just awesome.

Now that is a dedicated designer!

As we expected, Instagram immediately flooded with Rihanna pics and vids from the pop-up event. While Fenty x Puma customers were paying the queen what they owed her, RiRi was more than happy to take photos and interact with her fans.

After you’re done shouting out Brazil, can you also shout out HelloGiggles?


Who’s next? We are! Pick us!

And look how cool she is drinking champaign on the job! Pour it up, pour it up!

If you’re dying for your own chance to buy a pair of Fenty x Puma shoes from the creator herself, you might be able to today! The pop-up event is open again today, April 19th, at the same location from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m., so get your butts down there!

As of right now, Puma has yet to confirm or deny a Rihanna appearance today. But if there’s even the slightest chance that your shoes might be sold to you by the bad girl herself, then you won’t want to risk missing it!

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