Rihanna won’t let you shame her pimple in her no-makeup selfie, and that’s why we love her

We have a bone to pick with Rihanna. No, we’re not pleased with the fact that she promised us an album by the end of 2019 to no avail. And yeah, we’re pissed that she taunted us in late December with a post that read, “me listening to R9 by myself and refusing to release it.” But our real issue with Rihanna today, January 8th, is that she dared post a makeup-free selfie and made a jawline pimple look cute.

And no, she’s not going to let anyone touch her pimple—physically, metaphorically, emotionally, etc.

The Fenty Beauty founder ditched the foundation for her first selfie of 2020. She snapped and posted quick pic, hair up, sweatshirt zipped, and makeup off. And TBH, not even the pimple on her jawline could stop her from looking utterly fabulous. In fact, we see it as an asset to the whole image.

“First selfie of the year doe. #2020,” Rihanna captioned her January 6th photo, which she posted on both Instagram and Twitter. And when one person commented, “Let me pop your pimple,” Rihanna declined the invite in the best way possible.


Our new breakout motto is, “Let her have her shine, PLEASE.”


TBH, the fact that we can match with Rihanna in some fashion, even if it is a jawline zit, is pretty fun for us. false

Though the pimple could have been an easy target for trolls to pick on, fans drowned out any skin-related negativity in the replies. We have bigger fish to fry, people.

Rihanna, you and your makeup-free zit are cute and all, but time is ticking. It’s 2020 and our patience is running out. We’ll praise your pimple all day, but nothing will distract us from the fact that R9 might be complete and yet it isn’t pumping through our headphones.

Ahem…Let R9 have her shine, PLEASE!

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