Rihanna just released her first music in three years—but everyone’s so ready for more

We have been waiting years for Rihanna to release new music and finally the wait is over—kind of. Rihanna makes a guest appearance on PartyNextDoor’s new track “Believe It,” and this isn’t necessarily what we wanted when we said, “Rihanna, please make more music.” But TBH, we’ve been waiting so long that we’ll take it. It’s something.

“Believe It” is a track off of PartyNextDoor’s latest album, Partymobile, currently out now and available for download. Rihanna’s feature—which is basically just her singing “Best make me believe it” over and over again—is the first time the artist has sung on a track since 2017, when she lent her voice to N.E.R.D’s “Lemon” and Kendrick Lamar’s “Loyalty.”

And, no, Rihanna hasn’t yet dropped her upcoming album, currently going by the working title R9. That means Rihanna hasn’t released any of her own stuff since 2016’s Anti, on which PartyNextDoor co-wrote a couple of songs. If we had it our way, we’d get R9 before “Believe It” but, sadly, we do not rule the world.

But hey, like we said: We’ll take any Rihanna we can get.

Others, however, have been quick to point out the fact that Rihanna’s immense talents were perhaps, um, wasted.



We agree. We wanted more.

But for now, this blip on the radar is enough to keep us happy until she finally decides to drop R9.


To be fair, Rihanna has a lot on her plate. She’s the mother of the Fenty fashion line, leader of Fenty Beauty, and donating millions to those fighting coronavirus through her Clara Lionel Foundation. She’s doing a lot!

Does she have someone on her team who could release R9 with the single click of a button? Sure. Would R9 make the current state of the world a lot more bearable? Yes. But for now, we’ll keep singing this chorus until we believe Rihanna when she says she’s dropping her album.

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