Why it’s important that Rihanna is the new face of Dior

Rihanna is fancy and Dior is fancy, so it totally makes sense that Dior would ask Rihanna to come be fancy for their brand. The thing is, Rihanna isn’t just another face for the fashion company. This spring, Rihanna is making history by being the first black woman to become a spokesperson for the brand.

“But it’s 2015,” you say. “It seems like they’re a little late to the inclusivity game.” And you’re not wrong, it’s kind of late, but as we always say when we’re trying to look on the bright side of progress (as opposed to the sometimes seemingly excruciatingly slow side of progress) Dior really is better late than they are, you know, never.

As HollywooodLife reports:

“Rihanna will appear in the fourth episode of Dior’s “Secret Garden” video series. The campaign is scheduled to run in Spring 2015. The film and print campaign features models walking around the lavish Palace of Versailles in stunning Dior gowns.”

I just literally gasped out loud at the thought of Rihanna, rocking the fanciest of outfits, WORKING it at Versailles. As I stated earlier, Rihanna is THE FANCIEST, and Marie Antoinette’s old haunts are JUST fancy enough for our girl to strut her dazzling stuff.

Congratulations Rihanna, you’re going to be a-maze, and good on you, too, Dior, for getting into the inclusivity game, the best game in town.

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