Rihanna will make music history tomorrow with her new single!

It’s impossible not to adore Rihanna. She’s crazy-talented, hard-working, beautiful, confident, hilarious, and totally generous (just to name a few of her major qualities). Oh, and she’s also a total visionary with music that’s doing what literally nobody else has done before.

After just releasing her new hauntingly beautiful song “Sledgehammer” for Stark Trek Beyond soundtrack, she announced that her music video for the project would be the first music video to debut in IMAX theaters, giving everyone a beautiful sneak preview on her Insta.

Having this music video debut in IMAX (at 9am on Thursday June 30, to be exact) means you won’t just be able to hear the music video experience, you’ll be able to actually feel it in every part of your bones. And based on the stunning visuals of the preview, there’s no doubt this will be something truly memorable for everyone.

~Gets chills and giggles with RiRi-inspired giddiness forever~

Leave it to the brilliance of an artist like Rihanna to combine an epic song made for an epic movie into a beyond-epic music video experience. While she’s not the first to shoot the video on IMAX cameras (an honor that is reserved for Adele’s record-crushing music video “Hello”), she’s the first to do so for a movie soundtrack and to have the music video debut in IMAX theaters. So you can continue to live the story (which you can experience in IMAX) every time you hear her beautiful music (which you can also experience in IMAX).

It’s clear Rihanna isn’t just looking to creating amazing music. She’s looking to have her name go down in history as one of the most innovative and exciting artists of her time. And at this rate, she’s totally on track to do so.

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