Rihanna Says She’s Unlocked Her Mom “Superpower,” And It Inspired Her to Do This

After welcoming a son in May, RiRi is heading to the Super Bowl halftime show with all the confidence.

Rihanna‘s name will always be synonymous with pop and R&B, but fans would be foolish to deny the fact that her Fenty brands have been at the forefront of her career over the past few years. Prior to releasing “Lift Me Up” for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, RiRi hadn’t put out new music since 2016. She’s had Fenty on the brain!

After a six-year hiatus, Rihanna is reclaiming her spot in music… on the industry’s biggest stage: the Super Bowl halftime show. While fans are ecstatic about the news, the question in the back of everyone’s mind is: why now? Why Super Bowl LVII?

Speaking with Extra on the set of Savage x Fenty Show Vol. 4, Rihanna said she’s discovering other parts of her “superpower” and that’s manifested into trying new and challenging things like the Super Bowl halftime show.

“I feel like it was now or never, really. There’s this weird sh*t that happens when you become a mom, that you just unleash or unlock other parts of your superpower, you feel like you can take on or you could do anything,” the “Disturbia” singer said.

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“I wanted to take on the challenge and I wanted to do something that would force me to get back onstage,” she added.

While RiRi is now known as a clothing and makeup entrepreneur, she hasn’t forgotten her roots. “I’m a performer and I love it,” she said.

As for her musical guests, she isn’t spilling any of the tea — not even a splash. “I’m not telling you anything. Lips are sealed,” she quipped.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky welcomed their first child together, a son, back in May. While motherhood can be “crazy,” “wild,” and “weird” at times, Rihanna says it’s also “amazing” and “the best feeling.”

“[It’s] the most love I’ve ever known,” she told Extra of being a first-time parent. “I can’t describe it. It’s new. It’s fascinating. Every step, every facial expression, every new milestone. I love it.”

Additionally, RiRi has learned new things about herself since becoming a new mom. “I’m patient now… I thought I was getting better at patience, but this will sit you down. You are forced to be patient as a mom, as a parent, just in general,” she said.

She further explained, “Your tolerance level goes down, but your patience goes up, if that makes any sense.”

Super Bowl LVII may only be three months away, but we’ll need to muster up some of RiRi’s patience as we eagerly await for what is sure to be a performance of a lifetime.

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