Rihanna revealed just how long it took to get into those incredible Met Gala shoes

It’s been two days since Met Gala Monday, but we can’t stop thinking about how Rihanna was the 2017 Met Gala best dressed, totally shutting it down in her incredible Comme des Garçons creation. She looked absolutely flawless and won major points for sticking to the night’s theme, as if we’re at all surprised, right?

Even though her intricate ensemble looked pretty complicated (and probably made red carpet air kisses a bit challenging!), she revealed that it actually wasn’t hard to get into. But those insane strappy thigh-high heels, on the other hand? Those took an hour to put on, and we are floored.


The sparkly red heels, designed by Dsquared2, laced all the way up Rihanna’s thighs, and went perfectly with the floral motif of her dress. It was a true work of art, and pretty much everyone was buzzing about the look. Rihanna chatted with Vogue‘s Andre Leon Talley about the look, and in true Rih fashion, she acted like she was slipping on a hoodie to grab coffee, saying that it was “actually really easy” to get into.

"It’s actually really easy — booty shorts and you buckle some snaps. The shoes now, took me an hour to get into," she said.


We totally admire Rihanna’s dedication to the night’s theme, which celebrated Rei Kawakubo and Comme des Garçons, and for being patient enough to spend an hour putting on shoes. Check out a clip from her interview below.


There’s no denying why she has earned her rightful title of fashion queen. We’re obsessed.

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