Rihanna looks amazing even when she’s wearing grey sweatpants, which is why we love her

Queen RiRi is a style icon, we all know that. So  much so that even when Rihanna wears grey sweats, she still manages to make comfort look cool as hell. On Friday in New York City, the singer rocked a gray bomber-style jacket, lighter gray joggers, and matching Fenty x Puma creepers. Rihanna, on her way to whatever glamorous, chill thing she does on the weekend, had all the security and snuggly warmth that comes with knowing you won’t regret your outfit (or heels) by the end of the night. She completed the look with giant silver hoop earrings and a Louis Vuitton tote for a very put-together vibe.

Fashion maven Rihanna has spoken a lot about her unique, risky style choices, and how she makes them work. In a 2014 Vogue article, she enthused about her love for oversize men’s jackets and big statement pieces (and throw away jewelry from Claire’s). “When it feels like it’s yours and it feels like it’s you, that’s what works. You want to look like you are not just someone in cool clothes,” she said.

And in her 2013 Glamour cover story, Rihanna made fashion sound fun and adventurous, rather than scary and intimidating.

"Whenever I go shopping, I like to buy odd pieces so I can force myself to figure it out and that's the challenge in fashion for me. I love taking risks..um, it makes it fun. That's what fashion is there for. It's there to play. It's there to express yourself and express your personal style."

Maybe it’s that attitude that makes Rihanna always look fashion forward — even in a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt.

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