Rihanna’s employees banded together to support her on #BossAppreciationDay and awwww

The employees have spoken and Rihanna is officially the world’s best boss!

Okay, we’re sure there are a lot of great bosses out there and a ton of fierce #GirlBosses ruling the world right now, but according to Rihanna’s crew she takes the cake. In honor of Boss Appreciation Day on Monday, Rihanna received a few surprises from her employees, who clearly love her.

"I ❤️ my employees! Thanks Michelle #BossAppreciationDay #FentyCorp," Rihanna captioned a photo that featured giant balloons spelling out "Boss."

While simply getting balloons that say you’re a boss and having cute matching heart balloons as well doesn’t mean you’re actually number one, her Fenty Corporation crew, who works as part of her FentyXPuma fashion line, also bought her a hilarious piñata.

"When you don't show up to the office for #BossAppreciationDay #TheCorp #FentyCorp #piñata #FiredThemAll," the "Work" singer captioned her look-alike piñata shot.

The 28-year-old singer is a total badass when it comes to her music and her business prowess, but we needed more proof that she was the ultimate boss and boy did we get it. Not only do her employees celebrate her on Boss Appreciation Day, but they are always showing their love for the singer.

Back in May, Deshaun Wesley, who was one of her Anti World Tour dancers shared a sweet picture with RiRi showing his love for her and her boss qualities.

Sure, Rihanna is a nice boss, but she goes above and beyond. She makes her team better in the workplace, but also hangs out with them after the work day is done.

Yep, Rihanna is the party boss, going out at night after her concerts with her dancers and beauty team!

If that isn’t enough proof, Rihanna was actually a bridesmaid in her assistant, Jennifer Morales’ wedding in April 2015. She wore the dress, got ready in matching robes and supported her longtime friend and assistant throughout her big day.

Now that's what we call being a full-time boss friend!

Come on, those robes are definitley not what you’d see just any boss wearing. Rihanna clearly loves her team and they love her right back.

Now all we need to know is how we can join Rihanna’s work team!

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