Rihanna looks more glam in just a robe than we look when we actually try

Our favorite bad girl is at it again, and we just cannot handle her. Princess Rihanna posted a photo in her robe and we officially have robe envy. The singer looks stunning in an off-the-shoulder striped “robe” that is infinitely more stylish than any Costco robe our parents have ever bought us. The best part is Riri knows her robe is better than ours — she literally says it. But does her robe actually count as a robe? It looks more like a stylish wrap dress one wears at home, but it’s Riri so can we really argue?

Rihanna looks stunning, presumably on a Parisian balcony, after finishing up her Fenty X Puma show the night prior. Her long hair is pulled back in a high pony, and she shows off two yellow gold layered necklaces as her robe sweetly drapes itself on her shoulders.

Rihanna has that glint in her that says “I’m better than you, try me” and we love it.  Paired with her stellar cheekbones, the perfect highlight, and a mauve lip, this look is the perfect lesson in pajama dressing.


We’re just going to call that robes are going to be Rihanna’s new thing.

She closed out her own show in a lime-green robe that’s much more along the lines of what we think of when we hear the word “robe.” But of course, she makes it look cool and runway-ready, because let’s not forget — she’s Rihanna.

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