Rihanna gets bangs, looks amazing

In super exciting news for those of us who spend all of our time trying to figure out if we should get bangs or not, Rihanna just got bangs. Which means, in case you’re wondering, that we all should. Because it’s Rihanna, and everything Rihanna does becomes *instantly* iconic.

Queen RiRi’s new cut is simply killer, and it’s an undeniable capital-L Look.

It’s the perfect combo of the ever-so-difficult-to-achieve lob and a little brush of schoolgirl bangs. There’s an uncharacteristic softness to the bad gal’s new lewk that makes us want to throw out (er, donate) all of our black clothes and replace them with pastels and floral prints. After all, that’s what summer’s for, right?

This isn’t the first time Rihanna’s caused a major shift in our sense of style.

Remember that time she nearly convinced us to put white paint in our hair?

She wasn’t even the one rocking the paint, just the force behind the look, and yet she made us seriously consider it.

And that time she convinced us to run out and by furry sandals, like, immediately?

They sold out in about five seconds.

Or that time she convinced us to stop parting our hair ASAP and embrace our edges?

Easier said than done. But we did it! Because Rihanna. Time to go grab some scissors and apologize to our stylist later.


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