We put Rihanna’s new makeout-proof lipstick through a 12-hour test

When I first heard that Rihanna was coming out with a red lipstick, I screamed, “WAS THIS MADE FOR ME?”

After all, I’m a red lip connoisseur and my nickname is also Rie-Rie, so in my mind, Rihanna and I are kindred spirits. Why wouldn’t she low-key create a lipstick for someone she has never met in her life? The Fenty Stunna Lip Paint is the first liquid-to-matte lipstick from the new brand, boasting 12-hour wear. “I wanted a lipstick that wouldn’t budge — even as you eat, even as you make out,” said our queen in a press release. Me too, girl. ME TOO.

Like I mentioned, I’m very much into my red lipsticks and especially love liquid-to-matte formulas, so this one was a dream come true. When I received the press sample of the Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored, I literally screamed and did a fast feet dance similar to Jennifer Beals’s “Maniac” performance in Flashdance. (’80s babies, ya feel me?) I do NOT play, RiRi. Look at that packaging. I almost want to drill a chain into it and wear it as a necklace.


Of course, I had to put this baby to test.

10:00 am:


Here’s me in the morning right when I got to work, with fresh makeup and freshly filtered through a photo app.


The applicator is very unique. It’s not your typical doe-foot wand and has a flat surface, making it very easy to apply without a liner. One application was pigmented enough for me to apply and go. GAWTDAMN it looks so good.


One thing I really love about this red is that even though it’s super pigmented, it feel SO light on my lips! They never felt dry or cracked which is amazing.

Thoughts throughout the day:

I got so many compliments from my co-workers, which I thought was interesting because I always wear a red lipstick. They saw something special in this one. Was it the power of Rihanna? The gorgeous intense red pigment? I’m thinking both. Even though I did have some smearing after eating soup — which I expected because every single lipstick smears on me — the color held up ALL throughout the workday and I never had to apply.

10:00 p.m.


This was me in my pink bathroom (NO DIVA LIGHT) when I got home after a typical workday, which included a Facebook Live segment and two beauty events. There were several sips of cocktails and eating throughout, plus some smooches with my man. There’s a little bit of wear on the inside of my lip but overall, the Stunna Lip Paint lasted pretty freakin’ well throughout the entire day.

I bow down to you, Rihanna.

You can buy Fenty Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored for $24 when it hits Sephora.com and fentybeauty.com on November 23rd at midnight EST and in Sephora stores the same day.

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