Rihanna’s Vogue video is chock-full of Fenty Beauty sneak peeks, so get your eagle eye ready

As if seeing our beloved Rihanna as Vogue’s June cover girl weren’t exciting enough, she also took the opportunity to give fans a little sneak peek at brand new Fenty Beauty products that are headed our way. Rihanna knows what the people want and never fails to deliver. And while Fenty Beauty has already released some offerings from its summer lineup, like the Fenty Beauty Fairy Bomb glitter puff and the stunning Fenty Beauty Body Lava, it appears that there is more to come.

In a sweet little video for Vogue, our hilarious queen shows us a quick and easy summer beauty routine. We had a feeling Rihanna had something up her sleeve, but we didn’t expect to be getting a look at two different Killawatt highlighter duos. The color combinations are gorgeous, and the incredibly summery hot pink and yellow gold duo is called Beach, Please!, which leads us to believe it’s definitely part of the summer collection. She also gave us a look at new lip topper sets and liquid eyeshadow duos. We did not see those coming.

The new Fenty Beauty products are expected to drop May 21st at Sephora, just in time for Memorial Day travels and parties.

How gorgeous is she? Her reaction, “I look kinda cute,” is the understatement of the century.

Trendmood breaks it down for us, as usual.

Don’t you love the juxtaposition of the two new Killawatt highlighters? Whether you prefer dramatic, warm shades or like to go for an ice queen look, Riri has you covered.

Rihanna recommends in the video that everyone practice on their own face, which is great advice. When you take the time to see what shades and styles work for you, you can really pinpoint your ideal aesthetic. Preach!

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