Attention, Rihanna fans: here’s how you can officially see ALL of Fenty Beauty’s products

Rihanna fans rejoice, for the Fenty Beauty makeup launch is nearly upon us! We’ve been obsessing over Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty makeup line since we first heard the news. The Bad Gal herself has been teasing peeks of her debut makeup collection for a minute now, but we’ll be able to get the ~official~ inside scoop tomorrow.

Fenty Beauty’s doing a live-stream tomorrow (Thursday, September 7th) at 7:15 p.m. EST, which you can watch on their Facebook page.

Feel free to hop in the comments with any questions. The team promises to address them (although many of the comments are in the “shut up and take my money!” vein.)

Save the date.

The much-awaited launch has beauty writers literally canceling their birthday parties, so you know this is major.

So what can we expect from Fenty Beauty?

So far we’ve seen: a highlighter duo, golden highlighter, foundation, blushes, sexy lip glosses, Match Stix, and a mystery product called “Perfect,” which has cool Basquiat-like packaging.

We’re excited for the foundation range, which has 40 shades, and as RiRi herself told a fan in the DMs, it’s especially focused on women of color.

Behold the Gloss Bomb.

Gloss has been nudging the matte nude lip out of the top spot recently, and we’re so into it.

Match Stix are either concealer, as the name implies, or possibly lipstick? The Millennial pink packaging is giving us some KKW Beauty vibes.

Perfect but delightfully imperfect.

Ugh, we can’t wait. More info as it comes in!

Fenty Beauty launches on September 8th at midnight.

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