This woman paints portraits of Rihanna on her skin using Fenty Beauty products

In this world, there’s talent, and then there’s talent. Prague-based artist Alena Wedderburn moved herself into the former category when she started painting portraits of Rihanna. But she transitioned to the latter category when she started painting portraits of Rihanna with Fenty beauty products ON HER OWN SKIN.

Yep, Wedderburn uses the singer’s Fenty foundations and lipsticks to create her hyper-realistic paintings. She is definitely putting Fenty’s 40 shades of foundation to good use. Her contouring is quite impressive.

The 23-year-old tattoo artist has racked up more than 22,000 Instagram followers as of this writing through her art, which often features Rihanna painted on skin and sketched on paper. Wedderburn (known on Instagram as @kiss_my_airs) has truly mastered many of Rihanna’s ~lewks.~

We just have one question: Doesn’t she run out of makeup quickly if she’s also using it for paint? That’s a true example of making a sacrifice for the greater good. The greater good is, of course, that we get to see these magical works of art.

In case you were looking for recommendations, Wedderburn seems to go back to a lot of the same products. She frequently uses the Stunna liquid lip paint, which even has paint in the title. In addition, she has several posts with the Galaxy Collection eyeshadow and Kilawatt Freestyle highlighter, which makes RiRi look luminous.

Take a digital trip to this museum-worthy gallery.

Wedderburn also posted a video of a work in progress.

Look at this modern art!

Her other art is quite impressive as well.

Do you think this lineup would fit on our forearm?

Come to think of it, Rihanna really should open a museum full of Rihanna-centric art. She’s just extra enough to make it work, and we hope Wedderburn is first on the list of artists.

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