Better have your money ready, because Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty is coming out in September

We’ve been waiting for it for what feels like actual, literal years, but it looks like we are getting Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Line this September, fam. Something good is going to come of 2017 after all! Rihanna’s been teasing us with its debut for a really long time, but she has been in rare form these past few weeks, happily telling fans that it’s on its way.

Rihanna is nothing if not divinely stylish. She’s constantly pushing the boundaries and evolving in terms of her personal style and beauty. We can’t think of a better celeb to come out with their own beauty line, every look she serves us is pure fire!

The nitty gritty details are still under wraps, but we can expect to be seeing eye shadows, a highlighter, and what appears to be a gorgeous holographic lipstick!

The collection will be available come September at Sephora, so we’ll all be able to get some for ourselves without too much hassle! Though goodness knows that if there ever were a beauty debut that was worth the hassle, it’s this one!

Fans are hoping that the line includes blushes and lashes as well, and it would make perfect sense if they were! Rihanna’s lashes are always ON POINT. She is so glamorous. We can’t wait to get inspired by her looks and products.

Rihanna’s glow is always the subject of much talk, so we aren’t surprised to see a holographic highlighter on the list of products we’ll be able to get our hands on. Check how amazing she looked while rocking it on the red carpet!

And if anyone knows highlighter, it’s RiRi, if it’s any indication from her alien-esque Coachella looks!

She will bring the glow in any way, shape, or form!

Our eyes will be trained on Rihanna’s social media 24/7 until we know more about the impending collection. If anything, it’ll get us through the slog of those hot, humid summer days knowing that come fall, we have a huge treat coming!

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