Rihanna endorses Hillary Clinton in the coolest, most Rihanna-y way possible

Take a cue from Rihanna: If you want to show where your political loyalties lie, put the candidate on your shirt so we know it’s real!

Hours before the third and final presidential debate Rihanna stepped out into the streets of New York City to not-so-subtly announce that #ImWithHer. Rihanna could wear a burlap bag and we would probably yell “slay!”, so her outfit of choice is obviously a winner in our eyes.

Rihanna paired her micro denim Levi’s Vintage shorts with Heritage 6-Inch Waterproof Timberland Boots in Brown Burnished Full Grain, and grey Puma socks peeking out the top. Effortlessly thrown over her arm is a navy Vetements long coat and tightly gripped in her hands is her enviable Louis Vuitton x Frank Gehry box bag. But her accessories aren’t what caught our eye right away; it was her endorsement of Hillary via her t-shirt.

Unfortunately Ms. Bad Gal RiRi can’t vote in the election, but she is doing everything she can to express her support throughout the campaign trail. On the front of her TRAPVILLA limited release t-shirt is a photo of then New York Senator Hillary Clinton rocking a Yankees baseball cap.

Now if you’re thinking that the picture of Hillary Clinton rocking a Yankees cap in a power suit is fake, it is not! This iconic photo was taken back in 1999. Even though Clinton was born and bred in Chicago, she has always been a Yankees fan according to her 1999 interview with Katie Couric on NBC’s “Today Show” before the championship team visited the White House.

"I am a Cubs fan," said Mrs. Clinton. "But I needed an American League team because when you're from Chicago, you cannot root for both the Cubs and the Sox. I mean, there's a dividing line that you can't cross there. So as a young girl, I became very interested and enamored of the Yankees."

Step aside Jay-Z, Hillary Rodham Clinton is making the Yankee cap more famous than even a Yankee can.

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