Rihanna Just Said B*tch Better Count Those Ballots, and We Love This Song

She's absolutely not here for any efforts to undermine our democracy.

Among the many distressing things about the 2020 presidential election is the Trump campaign’s insistence of widespread voter fraud or of counting errors, leading to Trump supporters either insisting that vote counting be stopped or that a recount happens, depending on where they’re located and if the odds are in Trump’s favor. Among the many people speaking out is Rihanna, who has one firm message for those trying to undermine our democracy in action: “Count ?? Every ?? Vote ?? We’ll ?? Wait.”

On Wednesday, November 4th (the day after the election), Rihanna took to social media to demand that every single vote be counted, despite the Trump campaign’s harmful and dangerous messaging about mail-in ballots.

She used the power of Twitter to remind followers that every single vote counts, and that the results of the election will not be determined or legitimate until they’re all accounted for—no matter what Trump says.

She not only used Twitter to share her thoughts, but also Instagram, where she posted six black squares to her grid reading the same exact strong message. And of course, we’re cheering, because we are right there with her despite all the madness and noise happening this week.

As we not-so-patiently await the results of the election, it’s oddly comforting to know that our favorite celebrities are right there with us. Rihanna has been open about her beliefs when it comes to Trump for years—in 2018, when she found out that one of her songs was being played at a Trump rally, she tweeted, “Not for much longer…me nor my people would ever be at or around one of those tragic rallies.” 

In August, she shared some photos of herself next to colorful graffiti that read “Fuck Trump,” and last year, she tagged Trump in a group photo with a shirt that read “Immigrant,” calling to attention the Trump administration’s cruel and inhumane policies towards immigrants in the United States.

As if there were any doubt, we always want to hear from Rihanna in our most trying times, and right now especially, we’re grateful for her wisdom.

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