Rihanna’s corseted romper and peasant chic shirt are the stuff of our dreams

This weekend was the Global Citizen Festival in New York City, and the live performances were out of control (in a good way)!

One particular head-turner was Rihanna, whose peasant chic outfit was so unique that we’ve been repeatedly re-watching her performance to get a closer look.

She wore a pinstripe corseted romper with a white top and fishnet choker. Of course, she complimented this look by donning a pair of massive hoop earrings to tie it all together. DAMN! false

Somehow with just one ensemble, Rihanna manages to effortlessly pull off a preppy schoolgirl and total rock chic aesthetic.

Any idea how we can get her stylist, Mel Ottenberg, to dress us for a day?!

And let us not forget that this definitely is not the first time Rihanna has wowed us with her killer style. She’s renowned for having incredible looks in all of her music videos, not to mention the various trends she’s championed (remember “athletic goth,” guys? Bowing down, forever and always).

Here’s the video of Rihanna looking absolutely fabulous and performing “Love on the Brain,” just in case you missed it/desperately need to see it in its full glory (or, you just need to watch it again on repeat for a while. If so, we get you).


So much YES.

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