Rihanna personally teaches us how to contour in a new video, and you’re gonna learn SO MUCH

If there’s anyone we’d trust when it comes to makeup, it’s Rihanna. She’s been learning from the pros for more than a decade…and that’s even before she created her own beauty empire with Fenty. So it makes total sense that Vogue asked Queen Rih to teach us mere mortals how to contour, since she’s on the cover of the mag’s June issue. Rih dished on all her beauty secrets, explaining the mistakes that many of us make when we’re attempting to do it ourselves.

To start, Rihanna says she gets “messy” with her foundation (Fenty Beauty, obvs), pumping it on her hands before blending all over her face with a blending tool. When it comes to contouring, she says that you need to contour for your face, as opposed to mimicking exactly what you see on a YouTube tutorial — because everyone has a different facial structure.


Rih uses a Fenty Beauty Match Stick to contour, applying it to her cheekbones, nose, and forehead, being sure to blend the products into her hairline (otherwise there’ll be a weird line, she warns). She contours along her chin in a triangle shape to elongate her neck, before blending it all with a brush. She also assured us that contouring looks crazy until it’s all done (good to know!).

She then applies concealer beneath her eyes and blends with a blending tool. She adds some to other areas that need a little love, being sure to blend every step of the way. She also gets rid of any greasiness with the Fenty Beauty Invisimatte blotting powder before going over the areas she contoured with a bronzer.

She says, “Everyone knows concealer is made for hiding bags and dark circles and hangovers and bad decisions.”

LOL. We love you, girl. SO MUCH.

She finishes it all off with a ton of highlighter, advising that more is more. “I think the key to highlighter is to not be afraid of it. You can always blend it.”

As for how she decides on her look, she says it depends on her mood (same). She also said, "You have to practice on your own face because there are gonna be things that you can do better than makeup artists."

The finishing touches? Mascara, lip gloss, and Fenty Beauty Body Lavaobviously. That Rihanna glow — it’s a powerful, powerful thing, y’all.

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