Rihanna is schooling us once again with her new collegiate-inspired Fenty slides

Just when we thought Rihanna could not possibly bless us with anymore Fenty goodness in the near future, bam! The pop star is unloading yet ~another~ goodie for us to ogle over, and this time, it’s in the form of some frat-tastic slides.

Fresh on the heels of her latest sock collection, Rihanna’s all-new F.U. slides — which is Fenty University FYI — are the freshest footwear we’ve seen since her satin Puma slides hit the market last spring. The suede shoes come in electric blue, vibrant orange, and fresh tan shades. While we don’t know for sure yet, they look just as cozy as they are cute. See for yourselves:


Do we want the orange? Or the blue? Or maybe the tan? Nah…we want all three, ASAP!


Out this Thursday, October 5th, we can’t imagine these cheeky F.U. slides will stay in stock for long. Because everything Rihanna touches is basically retail gold, and rarely stays on shelves for long.

Between her many pop star duties and, you know, being the one and only Rihanna, the 29 year old’s found time to lend her talents to quite a few new business ventures. This summer, she shattered beauty industry expectations by launching an ultra-inclusive Fenty Beauty makeup line boasting 40 foundation shades.


Then, you can’t forget all the hard work she’s put in for Fenty x Puma (these new slides included). After a killer, adrenaline-inducing Fenty x Puma runway show at New York Fashion week last month, we thought Bad Girl RiRi might’ve taken some well-deserved time off. But boy, we were wrong.

Back to the sandals at hand: we’re loving Rihanna’s foray into collegiate-inspired threads, accessories, and footwear. As a matter of fact, we give it an A+.

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