Rihanna singlehandedly started the “athletic goth” trend with her current outfit

Rihanna has been in the news a lot recently – between joining the all-female Ocean’s Eleven spin-off, being given the VMA’s Vanguard Award (a lifetime achievement-in-music award) at the ripe old age of 28, and Drake adorably professing his love to her, we’ve been ~all about~ RiRi lately.

It got to the point where our heart-eyes over Drake and Rihanna’s swoonworthiness almost had us forgetting that the Barbadian songstress had major news of her own: The debut of her clothing collection, a collaboration with Puma. Lucky for us, Rihanna and her stunning fashion sense caught our attention and reminded us of the new line’s launch right away.

Today, Rihanna celebrated the launch of her collection FENTY by Puma and she absolutely slayed in her launch party outfit.


Above, we can see Rihanna rocking an instantly iconic look straight from her own collection. RiRi wore a long, loose-sleeved crop-top paired with a matching, leg-baring, fashion-forward take on track pants. She completed the look with jet-black hair, an oversized diamond cross, and killer thigh-high boots.

Goth? Athletic? We’re calling this look gothletic.


The outfit came together flawlessly, a mix of goth and sporty inspiration. The Muse described Rihanna’s collection as “Rihanna meets goth meets gym class meets Hood Hy Air circa 2014” which, honestly, is a perfectly accurate description of both the line and Rihanna’s own look at the launch.

You can expect to see a similar style on us sometime soon.

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