Rihanna just dropped our new Monday Morning anthem

It’s like Rihanna can read our minds. We needed a new Monday morning anthem so badly, and here comes RiRi with another new song that fills our hearts with get-up-and-go fire.

We’ll just leave these perfectly inspiring lyrics for “American Oxygen” right here: “Respect for a nickel and a dime, turn it into a empire. Breath in this feeling, American Oxygen is a new America.”

If you remember, it was only days ago that she dropped another new single and we spent 24 hours listening to it on repeat.

Her latest, “American Oxygen,” has already been featured in commercials, but Rihanna performed it live for the first time at the March Madness Fest in Indianapolis on Saturday night. The song is melodic and inspiring, just what you need to get out of bed after a holiday weekend. We’ll just say it: Along with “FourFiveSeconds” and “B**** Better Have My Money,” Rihanna is getting us super pumped for her next album (hopefully dropping soon, please).

The song is also the second huge weekend debut on Jay-Z’s new streaming service, Tidal. Beyoncé also dropped a new single on the site this past Saturday. Both songs are only available via Tidal, although Rihanna’s live performance from Saturday is circulating like mad on ol’ faithful, YouTube.

Check out “American Oxygen” live, right here, because it’s utterly amazing, soulful and kind of brings a patriotic tear to our eye.

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