It turns out there’s a right and wrong way to air-dry your hair

Air-drying is probably our favorite method of styling our hair because it requires absolutely zero work. However, that might be about to change! While air-drying is definitely the quickest (and safest!) way of getting that effortless look, there are a few things Allure says we should be doing to make the best of this lazy-girl technique.

It turns out that people with different types of hair should be air-drying in different ways. For those of us straight-haired ladies, the best way to get this casual yet stylish look is to add some product to our hair once we’re out of the shower (Allure suggests wave-enhancing foam) and then simply tuck our hair behind our ears. If we want to add some wave, then we just have to divide our hair into four sections and routinely twist them away from our face. More twists = more waves, but even just a little of this technique results in that coveted beachy look.

If you’re already #blessed with wavy hair, then the best way to keep it under control when it’s air-dried is to create two loose braids starting from the tops of your ears down, and then before they’re completely dry, undo them. This maintains the waves without frizz or crimping.

For loose curly hair, Allure recommends applying straightening cream before sectioning the hair into four tight buns. Then, sleep on it, relaxing the curls so when you wake they’re totally breezy.

For those of us with SUPER curly hair, this look can be tricky, so apply “alcohol-free, water-based mousse” to wet hair to loosen it up, then, pull it into a high ponytail using a scrunchie (a scrunchie won’t leave a dent) and take out once the hair is dry.

While this may require more effort than just sleeping after a shower and waking up with read-to-go waves, it does eliminate the possibility of bad hair days in just a few simple steps. No one else has to know you didn’t wake up like this, and if they do, they’ll be too in love with your hair to care.

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