Ridiculously Awesome Outfits For St. Patrick’s Day

No matter how old we get, we humans still believe in dressing up in traditional colors for our favorite holidays. While Valentine’s Day lets us show off our best pinks and reds, St. Patrick’s Day is all about green and orange. And since green is my favorite color (and I’m 1/4th Irish, legitimately!) I’m pretty excited about showcasing my favorite emerald-hued threads this March 17th.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are a few perfect pieces from some of our favorite retailers. Keep in mind, the “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” shirt won’t be featured. (But feel free to wear yours if you want to get some awkward attention.)

Hello Kitty Shirt in Kelly Green from Old Navy, $14.00

I think I’ll always be drawn to Hello Kitty, regardless of my age. Sanrio really succeeded in making their characters too adorable to ever pass up. The best part about this cute tee? You can wear it even when St. Patrick’s Day is over. Also, to the bed. And the gym. And maybe with a blazer, if you have a casual work environment.

Okay, let’s face it. If I bought this shirt, I’m just never taking it off.

Delight Me Dress from ModCloth, $89.99

I’m loving the neckline on this green printed dress! Made out of cotton, this green and cream-colored piece can look adorable when you’re out with friends, or even when you’re back in the office after your St. Patrick’s Day outing. According to reviewers, this piece is not just flattering, but also the perfect length.

Sequin Shamrock Love Shirt from Express, $39.90

Available in Tartan Green, this shirt makes you look like you’re looking for trouble – but in the good way. (Think more “kickass rockstar” and less “prisoner”). You probably don’t have too much in your closet that includes sequins. This would probably be the perfect introduction.

 Spring Green Pencil Skirt by J.Crew, $88.00

If I had an unlimited budget, my entire wardrobe would come from J.Crew. If you’re also a fan, you might love this bright green pencil skirt, made from merino wool. If you find yourself having one drink too many this holiday – at least you’ll look classy, right?

St. Catrick’s Day Shirt from BoredWalk on Etsy, $12.90

Meow. If you’re using the holiday as a way to celebrate your cat (but let’s be honest – when don’t you celebrate your cat?) this tee from Etsy is perfect. And if you don’t want to pony up the cash if people take you up on that first round offer, just tell them that you meant diluted milk in a saucer.

 Women’s Lace-Up Canvas Sneakers by Old Navy, $22.94

These canvas shoes look amazing. They’re the perfect small accent to an otherwise non-green wardrobe choice, and they’re perfect for the warm weather ahead. In like a lion and out like a lamb, am I right? Plus, it’s tough to say no to a color called “Green Scream”.

 Powerpuff Girls Shamrock Shirt from Cartoon Network, $20.71

I miss seeing new episodes featuring the truly amazing Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. (There was that CGI special which aired this year, but it just wasn’t the same.) If you’re a fan, it just makes sense to choose your favorite female superheroes to help represent St. Patrick’s Day!

 R&K Originals Solid Zipper Shift Dress from JCPenney, $39.99

This cute little dress has decorative zippers on the side, which helps give it a bit of an edge. Plus, cap sleeves are always a nice touch. It’d look great with a black cardigan to dress it down, or some nice earrings if you want to dress it up.

 Shamrock Tights from Blockbuster Costumes, $7.98

It takes a special person to pull off bright, printed tights – but you’re totally that person. As a big tights fan, I can say that they not only help warm your legs a bit, but they can be the perfect accent to a cute party dress. Nobody will dare deny your holiday spirit if you’re wearing these!

Green Your City Dress in Emerald from ModCloth, $49.99

I think I might be in love with this maxi dress. Check out the gorgeous straps, which form a crisscross pattern on the back – it just screams “warmer weather ahead!” This dress is not only festive but comfortable, as it’s made out of a warm jersey material.

Lionel Richie Shirt from StrangeCargoTees on Etsy, $19.95

I’m fond of every product that somehow relates to the Lionel Richie music video for “Hello”. This incredible shirt is no exception. Not only is it subtle, but it’s sure to get a few good laughs. And if it doesn’t, the people you’ve surrounded yourself by have either never seen the video, or have no sense of humor. (You may want to cue up the video ahead of time on your phone, if it’s the former. It has to be the former.)

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