“American Gods” actor Ricky Whittle made a BFF at Comic-Con, and the photos will make you squeal with delight

Today in cute, Ricky Whittle befriended Richard Rankin at Comic-Con’s Brave New Warriors panel, and they got along so well that they have a bit of a bromance going now.

The two — who were joined by David Harbour (Stranger Things), Christopher Meloni (Happy!), Colin O’Donoghue (Once Upon a Time), and Rodrigo Santoro (Westworld) — spoke about their careers and experiences on various sets, and also joked a lot with one another and even hugged it out a few times.

The result? “Richard Rankin is now my new best friend,” Ricky Whittle declared to HelloGiggles at the carpet for Entertainment Weekly‘s Comic-Con party, where they appeared to arrive together — or at least hung out in the line. “The guy is incredible.”

The BFF proof is in the photos:

Let’s get these guys some of those broken-heart friendship necklaces for them to share.




So, is this a full-on bromance, or what?! “I think there’s a thing,” Whittle (American Gods) continued of Rankin (Outlander). “I’m not sure if he agrees. It might be one-sided. I’m big spoon, small spoon, whichever one he wants. No, we just had a lot of fun. It’s great when you can get thrown into these environments together and you’ve never met, but you’re all passionate about certain things.”

Not only that, but Whittle believes there’s a certain power to conventions, that they do really allow friendships to blossom across the board. “We live in a crazy, sick, dark twisted world and there’s a lot of horrible people out there, but there’s a lot of good and these cons really focus on the good,” he said.

“You get people from all over the world coming to San Diego, or to all the cons around the world. They just bring positivity, they bring passion, whatever that may be. Whether it’s comics, TV, films. They dress up in cosplay. No one is feeling insecure because it’s just about love and positivity.”

He added, poignantly, “It’s Disneyland for adults.”

Whittle also spoke about what’s ahead for his character, Shadow, on American Gods.

“Season 1, we kind of saw him broken. He was an empty vessel, a shell of a man. He’d lost everything,” Whittle began. “We literally saw him at his lowest, but now he’s starting to believe. Hopefully, Season 2 we’re going to see [him] grow in confidence. He’s going to start challenging Gods, start asking more questions, trying to understand the world that he’s now accepting.”

We look forward to seeing how that plays out when American Gods returns to Starz with Season 2. As for his bromance with Rankin, we’ll be on the lookout for all things cute.