Ricky Martin said that having children inspired him to come out publicly as a gay man

He’s always living la vida loca (sorry), and now Ricky Martin has opened up about his coming out experience, explaining why he decided to wait until later in his career to share that aspect of his life with the world.

Back in 2010, Ricky Martin shared the news with the world that he was gay. The singer, who had major hits in the late ’90s and early ’00s, shared his story on his website where he described himself as “a fortunate homosexual man.” In an open letter he explained that it was the birth of his two children and the fact that he was writing his memoir that had finally encouraged him to open up.

Now, sitting down on CBS Sunday Morning over the weekend (April 16th), Ricky Martin has spoken about his coming out experience, and explained why he took his time sharing that part of his life with his fans.

The star said that he struggled with coming out, and that he found it “extremely painful.” However, it was his children, twin boys Matteo and Valentino, that eventually lead him to making the leap.

“If I’m not honest with my kids, what am I teaching them?” he said. “I’m teaching them to lie.”

Continuing, he said that, like Barry Manilow who recently came out, he was scared of rejection.

"First of all, for many years...a lot of people told me that my feelings were evil — ‘What you’re feeling is not godly.’ I’m not a good person. If I’m feeling this, I’m not a good person," he said.

The singer then added that he decided to cut a line under those thoughts.

“Not more of that. I’m a good person,” he said. “And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with me. No. No. Enough. Not more of that. And I’ve been the happiest man ever since.”


The singer also opened up about how he wanted a big family (a little girl specifically), and also spoke about his relationship with his fiancé, Syrian born artist Jwan Yosef, whom he met on Instagram.

“I want a big wedding,” he joked. “I want a three day celebration.” 

Awww! We imagine that it’d be one HECK of a celebration, and one filled with so much love!

Watch the full interview below.


Meanwhile, Ricky Martin is currently performing a residency in Las Vegas. Visit here for tickets and more info.

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