The “Rick and Morty” crew just had a fancy tasting of that Szechuan Sauce from McD’s, and apparently the mouthfeel was on point

Party like it’s 1998 again, everybody! The Rick and Morty team FINALLY got to taste that Szechuan Sauce from McDonald’s, and it was love. For those who may not know, there is a running joke on the show about the sauce. And the team from McDonald’s managed to send a giant bottle to the team. Szechuan Sauce was available as a promo in 1998 for Disney’s Mulan. While the sauce didn’t last long, people have been demanding its return because of the show. As a result, the Rick and Morty crew did manage to score a jug of the sauce — and they took to Twitter to share the momentous occasion of their official tasting.

The Rick and Morty team got lost in the sauce.

Getting to travel back in time like this is truly amazing. The Rick and Morty crew shared photos of the sauce in tiny jars leading up to the main event. There is an epic video of it being poured into a bowl. The only way to enjoy the sauce? On McDonald’s McNuggets, of course.

How else could you enjoy McNugget dipping sauce? Luckily for the crew (and for all of us) the Szechuan Sauce was as delicious as they remembered. One member of the crew, writer Mike McMahan, claims the sauce is “sugar and spicy soy sauce.” Naturally, the mouthfeel was also discussed. And it was there. Oh, it was there.

"It has the feel."

Since it’s a big part of the joke, the Mulan soundtrack played during the tasting. Apparently Justin (we’re guessing Roiland, co-creator and voice of both Rick and Morty) has never seen Mulan. How is this even possible?! The movie has been out for almost 20 years! It’s on Hulu! Absolutely mind boggling, Justin!

Either way, by the power of the internet, dreams do come true. McDonald’s somehow put a bend in the space/time continuum to bring back a long gone sauce. And the Rick and Morty crew got to taste Szechuan Sauce again. Most importantly, it was as tasty as they hoped/remembered. Maybe McDonald’s will bring it back? We can only hope.