Why Rick and Michonne on “The Walking Dead” are the perfect match

AMC’s The Walking Dead has it all: gore, zombies, action, humor, and romance. Naysayers said that the subcutaneous tension of the post apocalyptic zombie world leaves no room for romance between the lead characters. Wrong. The 21st of February 2016 will be marked in —  a large section of — TWD fandom as the day that “Richonne” became canon. It was about time, though. Afterall,  there are now several couples: Maggie and Glenn, Abraham and Rosita, Aaron and Eric, Tara and Denise, and so on. Badass Rick Grimes and warrior Michonne certainly deserve some loving in the apocalypse.

Showrunner and writer Scott Gimple had the relationship planned out since Michonne’s introduction in season 3. Gimple told EW: “These are two people who have found kindred spirits in each other, strength, respect, support, loyalty. But the world has been screaming in their faces and clawing at them for a good part of their acquaintance. For all they’ve been through, when the world stopped screaming and clawing for them, they realized what they had.” So, for a moment, forget the gore and the decomposing bodies, it’s all about the romance. Here are our reasons why Rick and Michonne are a match made in zombie-heaven:

The parallels in their life

Rick and Michonne are both strong, smart, independent characters who want to protect the people they care about. Michonne used to talk to her dead boyfriend Mike and Rick talked to the ghost of his wife Lori. They both kick ass when it comes to hand-in-hand combat, or take deadly shots with firearms (or any object at hand), and of course, Michonne neatly chops off zombie heads with her trusted Katana. They both got shot in their left leg and saved each other’s lives on numerous occasions. There were the older mentors who gave them significant life advice. Herschel gave Rick a speech on growth and healing from trauma and Michonne got advice from Deanna who told her that she should find out what she really wants for herself. So, they’re just two tough cookies with hearts of gold.

Their undeniable silent bond

It’s not often that you’ll see two lead characters that understand each other on a deep level that they can communicate with only a quick look. From taking care of Carl, to protecting the group, to making snap decisions under pressure. It’s all communicated with single glances. There can be a misunderstanding every now and then, as seen in The Distance, when Rick knocks a stranger (Aaron) out who seemingly was a treat to the group. Michonne quips: “ So we’re clear. That look wasn’t a ‘Let’s attack this man look’. It was a ‘He seems like an okay guy to me,’ look.”  Oops.

The domestic Grimes family

Over the course of three seasons, the writers subtly infused hints on Richonne’s budding relationship. When the camera pans over the crew in the large group shots, you’ll see a small cluster that consists of Rick, Michonne, his son Carl and baby Judith. Michonne further bonded with Carl over their shared love of Big Cat’s chocolate bars, and she fought of walkers with baby Judith safely tucked on her back. It was simultaneously noticeable in their dialogue. In Claimed, Rick asks Michonne to help out with his family:

Rick: “I can’t be his father and his best friend. He needs you. Now I know that that’s a lot to throw at you. So if you ever feeling like you need a break…

Michonne: “I’m done taking breaks….”

It must be said that Carl was in the know since Clear, when he says to Rick, “I think she might be one of us.”  Do we need to say more?

They are just two beautiful people coming together

Rick has an undeniable swagger. His bowlegged walk and bushy beard has set many loins on fire. Michonne is a beautiful dark-skinned warrior goddess dipped in cocoa butter. Rick has been checking Michonne out numerous times and tried to be slick about it. Who can blame him?

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That electric chemistry

From a two-finger tap on the arm, to a hand on a shoulder, or a sweet smile — hello, simmering slow-burn. Well, their chemistry and three seasons of buildup reached new heights in The Next World. Michonne opened up emotionally, they were both glowing and smiling, and they finally succumbed to the sexual tension and mutual affection — Rick’s forehead vein popped from the excitement. The domesticity of the scene was a nice touch and the sizzling french kiss was just the most logical result of the organic flow of their relationship. Breath mints will now definitely have a whole nother meaning in TWD universe.

What’s next? There are six episodes left in season 6B. Just give us more love scenes, and of course, Rick and Michonne kicking zombie-ass together.