Rian Johnson clapped back at everyone *still* complaining about Luke Skywalker in “Last Jedi”

Do Rian Johnson a favor and stop complaining about that Luke Skywalker scene The Last Jedi because he’s one with the Force and the clap back is strong with him.

Practically since the announcement of a new trilogy in 2013 — thus moving Star Wars material once seen as canon to “legends” — a lot of longtime fans have been very critical of the new films. The Last Jedi specifically has been criticized by a lot of fans for nixing popular fan theories and not following certain legends storylines (ahem Admiral Ackbar). But while some of the criticism for the film is certainly warranted, there’s at least one major fan issue that’s actually factually incorrect.

Johnson has faced a lot of outrage from those upset about the (spoiler, but really, it’s been a month so this one’s on you) final showdown between Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi. After wasting an exorbitant amount of ammunition on his former mentor/uncle, Kylo and Luke duked it out in a masterful Jedi battle — where it was revealed that Luke wasn’t actually physically present and instead had projected a version of himself to Crait while he remained on Ahch-tu. Naturally, a selection of fans — many of whom have also accused Johnson of ruining the franchise altogether, mind you — complained that Luke not being present on Crait for the battle isn’t canon, and this cannot be done.

But to quote the late Ackbar:


…because you’re actually very wrong.

It turns out, Luke’s projection is a very real thing in the Star Wars canon. In a brief and frankly brilliant Twitter thread, Johnson had no time for the haters, revealing that popular Star Wars companion book The Jedi Path not only includes the doppelgänger projection as canon, but it actually has a fancy word for it: Similfuturus. false false false false false false false

It’s essentially the Twitter thread version of this:


Since its release, The Last Jedi has been subjected to a lot of drama — nearly enough to warrant a space opera of its own. While largely lauded by critics, fan response to the film has been polarized. Men’s Rights “Activists” specifically have been up in arms over the film, mostly in that the film’s incredible ensemble of female characters is *gasp* nearly equal to the number of men in the film. Upset over the existence of more than one female in the galaxy far, far away, MRAs purposefully tanked The Last Jedi‘s Rotten Tomatoes fan score. One went even further and released am edit of the film removing every female character from the film, thus eliminating the “feminist agenda.” Naturally, the men of Star Wars reacted to that accordingly.

While Johnson naturally can’t please everyone with The Last Jedi, we love how he pointed out the flaw in the Luke argument without even physically writing anything. But as Johnson is set to create his own trilogy for Lucasfilm, fans are definitely going to have to get used to new additions to the galaxy far, far away.

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