“The Last Jedi” reveals the identity of Rey’s parents, and you might not like the answer

Take a seat my friends and padawans, because we’re going to need to have a serious talk about Rey’s parents in The Last Jedi. After two grueling years of trying to figure out their identity — on top of a countless number of other questions regarding them, and why they decided to leave their daughter on Jakku — the latest Star Wars movie finally drops some major truth bombs. Yes, Last Jedi finally reveals the identity of Rey’s mom and dad. It’s a doozy. Are you ready?

Considering the dozens of fan theories out there about Rey’s lineage, where literally every corner of the galaxy was turned over looking for the answer, which one could it ultimately be? Well, Luke Skywalker is not Rey’s dad. Neither is Han Solo, which means Leia is not her mom. Rey is not Snoke’s daughter, or Obi-Wan Kenobi’s granddaughter. She wasn’t hatched from an egg, and she didn’t grown from a tree (these are both popular theories, not even kidding about that). Turns out, Rey’s real parents are none of the above. Rey’s real parents aren’t even a combination of any of the above.

Once you know their identity, there’s no turning back. Are you ready? Do you want to try and think up one last fan theory real fast before you learn the truth?


Rey’s parents are, literally, nobodies.

Since I am a fountain of Star Wars information (or at least I think so) over the last few months, many people have asked me for my thoughts on Rey’s parents. For a while, I was actually leaning into the Kenobi theory, since Lucasfilm is planning a Young Obi-Wan movie, and why not connected it to Rey?

But then I started thinking that was too easy and convenient, and this is Star Wars we’re talking about. Lately, I’ve been talking up the idea that maybe Rey’s parents don’t matter. Why does Star Wars always have to be about parents? My latest (and also last) fan theory about Rey was literally that: Her parents don’t even matter, and we’ve been stressing about them for two years to no avail. How does that make you feel? Because it’s now the Rey truth.

Though Rey’s parents are of literally no significance in the galaxy, they still play a big party in Last Jedi. Rey’s still searching for them, and Kylo Ren knows their identity (because, deep breath, Rey and Kylo have formed sort of Force telepathic bond where they can read the other’s thoughts and stuff, and during one of these connections Kylo seems to tap into Rey’s memories and sees her memories — just go with this). This leads to a lot of soul searching on Rey’s part, and it’s Kylo who eventually gives the audience the information we’ve been craving since 2015:

Rey’s parents were drunks who sold her to Unkar Plutt back on Jakku for drink money. They’re completely inconsequential to the story. Also, according to Kylo, they’re dead.

And this…this is a good thing. Star Wars has relied heavily on family ties throughout the saga up to this point — Luke, Leia and Vader along with Leia, Han, and Ben — so it’s about time we had a character who can break free from that. Rey’s past doesn’t matter, because it’s her future we should be concerned with, and just how she — dear god, finally — might bring balance to the Force. She doesn’t need her parents to do that.