Revlon’s prestige makeup brand Flesh Beauty will be inclusive from the get-go

Revlon is stepping into the beauty arena stronger than ever. The brand just announced its prestige makeup line, Flesh. The best part? Flesh’s shade-inclusive prodcuts.

According to WWD, which got the exclusive, Flesh will consist of 12 different beauty products, including 14 highlighters, eight blushes, 30 lipsticks, and most notably, 40 shades of foundation. Yes, you read that correctly. 40. Shades. Of. Foundation. This news is not only huge, it’s a change in the right direction.

Linda Wells, industry veteran (she is the founder of Allure, after all) and Revlon’s Chief Creative Officer, brought Flesh to life last summer. She told the magazine that she credits her 24 years at Allure as her inspiration for Flesh. She explains that she wanted to create a makeup line that would be inclusive in all aspects of the word. Wells told WWD:

"It’s really focused on the idea of flesh being all flesh colors — we’re redefining the notion of what flesh color really is and having it be inclusive on every level... Now, 40 foundations has almost become the industry standard, but it’s really broadening that conversation and proposition out to other products as well."

It’s safe to say that more brands are following in Fenty Beauty’s footsteps, and as Wells mentioned, it has become the industry standard. Jefferies analyst, Stephanie Wissink, also summed it up perfectly when speaking to the magazine. She explained why this “Fentification,” as it’s cleverly dubbed, is important. She said:

"We're in a post-Fenty world now, where talking about inclusivity is a commitment — it's not just acceptable, it's desired."

And in this social media age, consumers don’t want any more excuses. They want more representation in the beauty industry. Customers no longer shop products based on the quality of the makeup, they shop products based on the brand’s ethics, including their commitment to inclusivity. And we’re glad that Revlon is recognizing the need for change in the industry.

If you’re excited about Flesh as much as we are, you don’t have to wait too long to shop its beauty goodies. WWD reports that Flesh is set to hit Ulta’s website on June 24th, and it will be in over 500 Ulta stores starting July 8th. The prestigious new brand will be sold exclusively at Ulta Beauty, so you can easily rack up your rewards points guilt-free. Prices will range from $18 for lipsticks to $38 for eyeshadow palettes, according to WWD.

Are you excited for the Flesh launch?

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