Everyone just needs to go back and re-watch the ‘The Incredibles’

Ever since I learned a while back that there’s an Incredibles 2  in the works, I’ve been pretty ecstatic. And apparently, I’m not alone. The folks over at MoviePilot just made serious fandom case for why the sequel will be Pixar’s best yet. Seriously, can this thing come out already? The Incredibles came out all the way back in 2004, and I’m jonesing for more. but-kicking awesomeness from the Parr clan. Since there’s no release date for the sequel, however, I decided to revisit the original film and reminisce about why it was so very, yes, incredible.

The Parrs—specifically, the Parrs at the dinner table

Firstly, the Parr family is my favorite: from little Jack Jack to the gigantic presence of Mr. Incredible, the clan are as diverse as they are entertaining. Remember the dinner scene? It’s very realistic (with the exception of their powers) which makes it all the more enjoyable to watch. Whose family isn’t a bit dysfunctional, especially at dinner? I can especially relate to Vi and how meh she feels about eating. At that age, everything is boring and stressful and just too much to handle. Throughout the whole scene, Jack Jack is just spewing out nonsense and Mr. Incredible acts like nothing is going on. Can I get a “here here” for dads who always keep their cool? Thank you.

Dash, Violet, and their real-life counterparts

Spencer Fox and Sarah Vowell are both brilliant as Dash and Violet, respectively. Their voices flawlessly complement their characters, especially Vowell’s voicing of Vi. Who else could do it but her? She is PERFECTION. These two characters are at odds at the start of the movie, but gradually they come together and realize that they can be friends even though they’re already brother and sister. In the cave on Syndrome’s island, they come to an understanding and decide to save their parents and their entire family. No big deal.

Two words: Edna Mode.

Another “totally wicked” aspect of this move is the little lady with the big brain and presence in general: Edna “E” Mode. Voiced by the director and writer himself, Brad Bird, Edna Mode is a smug shortie, but with her gigantic personality she’s the catalyst that drives the Parrs together. She helps Mr. Incredible fix his suit (no capes!), make a new suit, and supply the rest of the Parr family with special super suits. If Edna didn’t put a tracking device in Mr. Incredible’s suit, then Mrs. Incredible would’ve never been able to help him or save the day, in the end. Go E!

Ultimately, the family of superheroes that make up The Incredibles is amazing, and all of the supporting characters from Edna Mode to Frozone make the movie worth watching again. Hey, you got to do something before the new movie comes out.

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