Elena Sheppard
April 27, 2015 3:26 pm

We had the best time taking in all kinds of good, bad, and wonderful movies at the Tribeca Film Festival but one of the movies that really got us excited was the film starring our co-founder, our muse, our actress, icon Zooey Deschanel. The movie is called The Driftless Area and it had us both laughing at its pitch black humor and biting our nails to the nubs in terrified suspense.

The film, based on the novel by Tom Drury, takes place in an area of the Midwest often called “the driftless area,” and is all about a guy named Pierre (played by Anton Yelchin) who returns home after college to find himself tied up in a murderous revenge plot with some serious bad guys, and a love affair with the mysterious Stella (our girl ZD). It’s part heist movie, part ghost tale, part love story — basically a combination of all the genres we totally love. While we’re still waiting to hear the deets on the film’s release, we’re just going to fill you in on a few of our fave things about the movie to get you as excited as we are.

Zooey takes on a totally new type of character.

Take a minute and think about Zooey’s character on New Girl, Jess Day. Jess is quirky; she’s silly, big-hearted, and loyal. Now think about the exact opposite of Jess and you may get somewhere close to Stella, Zooey’s character in The Driftless Area. Stella is a mysterious woman — who may or may not have burned to death in a fire. (See? Mysterious.) She’s elusive, she’s a low quiet talker, she’s lonely. She’s also can’t-take-your-eyes off her captivating and all you want are answers to questions that she’s heels-in-the-ground not answering. It’s an impressive role for Zooey and a seriously exciting performance.

The lady cast is hella strong.

In addition to Zooey, there are a few other actresses we L-O-V-E in the movie. Heeeellllooo Aubrey Plaza! Also Alia Shawkat (aka Adele from Broad City and Maeby from Arrested Development) we heart you so much, girl. Also, Alia and Aubrey starred together in The To-Do List (see below), so girls already have a great rapport.

There’s a whole lot of suspenseeeeee.

Remember when we talked about that whole is-Zooey’s-character-a-ghost-or-not thing? Yeah. Also add to that some heavy crime thriller elements and a really terrifying few minutes inside of a well. Have we said too much?

The realest art house vibes.

We love the indie roots of this film and more than once it gave us a shiver of those 500 Days of Summer, small-movie-with-a-big-heart feels. It’s also the feature-film debut for director Zachary Sluser which gives it a fresh voice and brand-new perspective.

Zooey’s trunk-in-the-attic wardrobe.

Since Zooey’s character is a victim of a fire, and presumably all of her possessions burn, she ends up wearing the clothing of a very old woman who has since passed on. What that yields is a vintage treasure trove of looks, many of which are perfectly weird and just perfect.

There are some allusions to the greats.

We won’t tell you why and we won’t tell you when (spoilers aren’t our bag) but there’s a scene in the movie that so closely echoes that scene in Cruel Intentions when Annette is driving Sebastian’s car, that we had hardcore 1999 flashbacks and loved every second of it.

Also, in case you’ve forgotten, this scene is a heartsong.

Anton Yelchin is a name you might eventually write in your diary.

He’s the star, he’s Zooey’s love interest, and is the type of shaggy/somber adorable that will melt the hearts of many. If you are really good at the “guess that voice” game, then you might recognize his as Clumsy Smurf. If you’re counting down the days until the next Star Trek movie, he’s in it.

Brain scrambles of the best variety.

It’s one of those movies that you’re going to need and talk over with your movie-mate while walking out of the theater. Time is warped and the dialogue includes lines like, “what if the future’s just some place you haven’t been?” which kind of melts our brains. It’s an existential movie, (wo)man.

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