Jill Layton
Updated Jun 02, 2016 @ 1:20 pm
Credit: Instagram

Summer is already in full swing for a lot of people — and that means friends, BBQs, vacations, sun, sunscreen (hopefully), and a lot of carefree vibes.

And that’s exactly what we’re getting from Zendaya — the most carefree, relaxed vibes. The singer/actress/role model has been posting some amazing pics from her vacation in Brazil. She and her family have been staying at an Airbnb, and it looks absolutely breathtaking.

Here’s Zendaya being an adorable tourist:

Getting her tan on:

Reveling in the Brazilian beauty:

And having some cold water jitters, but in the cutest way:

We’re also so glad to see that our girl is getting some time off. She is full-time on that slay grind (Acting! Stopping haters! Being a style icon! Having a cameo in “Lemonade”!) and she deserves a little r&r. We hope she’s having as much fun as it seems. She deserves it.