Credit: Getty Images/Frederick M. Brown

Garry Marshall’s passing is felt by people all over the world. Not only are the TV shows and movies he created timeless, but he also had a heart of gold.

Marshall was simply a really, really good man.

Stories of his goodness are being shared across social media by his family, friends, co-workers, fans and pretty much anyone who has ever met him or has been in his presence.

Yvette Nicole Brown (who you might remember as Helen on Drake and Josh, Shirley on Community, as well as her frequent appearances on Talking Dead where she offers the most intelligent and noteworthy commentary on the show) is deeply affected by Marshall’s passing.

The actress has taken to social media to express her heartfelt gratitude for her friend.

“Dear kind, Sir. What a profound honor it was to know you,” Brown wrote. “My life and the lives of anyone who has ever been blessed to meet you, know you, work with you or watch something you lovingly created will NEVER be the same. I am heart-broken by the news of your passing and can only imagine what your family and dear friends are feeling. There are truly no words that can properly express the fullness of JOY you brought into the world, but I had to at least try to pay homage to you in some way. You are #Love and I’m so glad I got to share space on this earth with you. #RIP #GarryMarshall”

Brown currently stars in The Odd Couple on CBS, a show that was originally developed by Marshall for TV in 1970.

The funny lady shared a hilarious story on Instagram that truly seems to capture Marshall’s essence.

“We had been ssshh’d by some important people in the room and had to resort to passing notes,” she wrote. “He let me know that he was gonna go ahead of me in line for some #TheOddCouple interviews. I wrote back that I supported that decision 100%. The next day I framed this napkin. The world lost a bit of its joy today. I know I have. #RIP #GarryMarshall”

Marshall was a pioneer in the television and film industry. Without him, our world would be void of shows like Mork and Mindy, Laverne and Shirley, Happy Days and movies like Overboard, Pretty Woman, Beaches, The Other Sister, Runaway Bride and The Princess Diaries.

His impact will be forever felt.

RIP, sir. You will be infinitely missed.