Alexis Dent
Updated Nov 27, 2016 @ 11:24 am
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Lilly Singh, aka Superwoman on YouTube, is no stranger to harsh criticism. For any public figure, negative comments become all too common; thanks to the Internet, it’s twice as easy to tear others down. We saw Lilly straight up own haters when she was in Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets segment,” so it’s no surprise that Lilly Singh responded to a troll who told her to “make a sandwich.” And she had the perfect response to his sexist assertion.

The anonymous hater commented, “woman [sic] arent funny. shouldnt be in the kitching [sic] making me a sandwich.” (Yes, we know. That spelling and grammar is horrendous.) It is as clear as day that this anonymous troll is an undereducated caveman, and indeed Lilly begins her video by explaining that she doesn’t typically indulge in ridiculous insults spelled this poorly.

But this time, she couldn’t help herself. Lilly took a break from her funny videos and Selena Gomez interviews to create an entire video illustrating how exactly she makes a sandwich. Trust us: this video definitely does not disappoint. Filled with witty remarks taking down sexist trolls everywhere, Lilly Singh takes the high road and the humorous road at the same darn time.

Lilly starts off the sarcastic tutorial by explaining that she’s using “fresh ingredients to make up for your expired thought process.” She then continues her funny takedown by saying you can skip washing spinach because “dirt belongs and the trash, and that’s exactly what you are.”

When it comes to adding salami to a sandwich, Lilly didn’t hold anything back when continuing her satirical video about the troll.

She quips, “The length of this sausage ranges from 6 inches to 2 inches, so really, either way much larger than any sausage you’re used to handling.” She even adds that the troll should whisper to the salami, “goalssss.” Lilly, you are savage and we are totally here for it.

To fully enjoy the wit of our fave Canadian YouTuber, you’re going to need to watch the video yourself. (Then you might want to share it with any sexist jerks who also think a women’s place is in the “kitching”.

You go, Lilly. Thanks for reminding us that you never feed the trolls. You can, however, use this tutorial to teach them to feed themselves.