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Updated Jul 23, 2014 @ 10:13 am
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These days being a full-time YouTuber is not only a viable career option, but it’s also a new portal to the world of celebrity. From their humble beginnings as people making videos for strangers on the Internet, YouTubers have launched makeup lines, TV careers, and more, gaining millions of fans worldwide. Next up: conquering the world of publishing.

The new imprint, Keywords Press—part of Simon & Schuster’s Atria Publishing Group and Hollywood’s United Talent Agency—was created just so internet entertainers can try their hand at writing. They’re planning on releasing six to ten titles a year and some of the entertainers in their stable include personalities like iJustine, Joey Graccefa, and the Shaytards, all of whom have millions of fans on YouTube.

If you’re a fan of YouTube, you should probably know about these upcoming titles by the new wave of internet stars:

Grace Helbig’s hilarious videos have racked up her tons of fans, all of whom will be eager to get their paws on this book. It’s an irreverent (duh) guide to learning how to be an adult, covering everything from surviving break ups to how to deal with hangovers and also tells the tale of Grace losing her virginity all because her date took her to Macaroni Grill. Color me intrigued! Available October 21st.

What started as a made-on-a-whim-joke-video about a gal cooking in her kitchen while getting drunk, has turned into a series of videos about a gal cooking in her kitchen while getting drunk. Oh, and also, like, a bazillion fans. In addition to her cooking gig, Hart wrote and starred in Camp Takota with her pal, the aforementioned Grace Helbig. Her book will be filled with recipes, cooking tips, drink recommendations, and more. With recipes like Tiny Sandwiches and Saltine Nachos, you can sign me up. Available August 12th.

Zoe Sugg – Girl Online

Zoe Sugg started out as a fashion and beauty vlogger and has won numerous blogging and vlogging awards. Interestingly, Zoe’s book is set to be a young adult fiction story and is actually the first publication to be distributed by Keywords Press. No style guides or beauty books here. Her story was dubbed Notting Hill for teens” and is about a British blogger whose anonymous identity is exposed to the world. Throw in some romance with an American musician and you got yourself a possible YA Contemporary hit on your hands. Available November 25th.

If you’ve ever searched for a makeup tutorial on YouTube, it’d be impossible not to find one by Michelle Phan. She has her own makeup line, so naturally her book would be chock-full of beauty tips. But it’s also got advice on everything from etiquette to careers to entrepreneurship. If you’re looking for an all out sincere guide to life, this may be the one for you. Available October 14th.

Shay Butler and Gavin Butler – Fat Dad, Fat Kid

Shay Butler of, where else, Shaytards fame has a kind of unique book on the table: a father-son weight-loss memoir. That’s not something you see everyday and while there’s not much info available on the title yet, there’s no doubt it’s already got millions of Shaytards viewers ready to pre-order it. Available January 6th.

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