Updated December 12, 2014

Today the Beyhive is buzzing with excitement. Right before the one year anniversary of her album BEYONCÉ, and right after ‘Feeling Myself’ leaked, King Bey surprised everyone again and released ‘Yours And Mine’ to her Youtube channel.The short features beautifully cut together video using clips from the visual album, slower remixed versions of the songs. The entire video is tied together with a heartfelt letter penned by the queen herself.
For those un-familiar with the visual album it’s one long music video story. Beyoncé has shared a lot about the making of both albums before but this is a much more intimate video with a side of Bey we normally only get a glimpse of. Watch as she powerfully narrates the clips with pieces of personal wisdom she has found from being Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter:

Beyoncé BTS series on the making of BEYONCÉ,