Jill Layton
Updated June 20, 2016

If you saw Finding Dory over the weekend, you may have noticed a slight change with Nemo. The adorable clown fish has a completely new voice.

It’s been 13 years since Finding Nemo was released (#weareallsoold!), so naturally, the actor who played him has grown up. And so has his voice. Since only one year has passed in the world of Nemo and Dory, filmmakers were forced to hire a younger, less man-sounding actor.

In Finding Dory, Nemo is voiced by 12-year-old actor Hayden Rolence, while Alexander Gould was the original voice of Nemo. Gould has since gone on to establish himself in the world of IRL human acting as Shane Botwin on Showtime’s Weeds. But he didn’t leave the wonderful world of animation behind.

Here’s Gould, aka the original Nemo in 2003 vs. today:

Dan Steinberg/Barry King/Getty Images

And here’s Hayden Rolence, the new voice of Nemo:

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Gould’s voice appears in Finding Dory, and his role is pivotal. We won’t tell you too much about his character, because you really need to see the movie for yourself (because it’s amazing).

Gould lends his voice to Carl — a human who loses control of his truck after it’s hijacked by two non-human characters. He completely freaks out because creatures who should be in the ocean are instead in his truck.

Carl is no Nemo, but it’s a fun little full-circle moment for Gould and for Finding Nemo fans.