Yass Kween: Queen Elizabeth ends every day with a glass of champagne, bringing royal context to "treat yo'self"

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Queen Elizabeth II is officially more baller than you. The longest-reigning monarch in history caps off every day with a glass of Champagne, because carrying a nation on your back for more than six decades really takes it out of you.

According to an investigation by Business Insider into her daily diet, the Queen tops off the night with a glass of the bubbly, likely a flute filled with Bollinger, Lanson, or Krug. And that’s not the only alcohol she drinks on the daily: She reportedly also enjoys a gin and Dubonnet with a slice of lemon on the rocks before lunch each day.

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Liquor aside, the Queen’s daily diet is quite reserved, starting her day with tea and biscuits before moving on to a typical breakfast of cereal and fruit. For lunch, she’ll enjoy fish with vegetables or grilled chicken with salad. Dinner is typically a meat- or fish-centric dish, as she avoids starch when eating on her own.

Sounds like QEII knows just how to balance out that daily alcohol intake.

This article originally appeared in InStyle.

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