Rachel Paige
Updated July 31, 2015

There’s been a lot of talk about Xena: Warrior Princess lately, and all of it’s good stuff. Not only are there amazing rumors that the show might come back to life, but even after all these years, Xena and her bestie Gabrielle are still hanging out. Quick, someone get these two something to battle.

Lucy Lawless, who played our first and favorite warrior princess, just uploaded a picture of her and Renee O’Connor to Instagram. In the picture, she calls O’Connor her “gal,” and it’s the cutest thing ever.

If you’re not familiar with Xena and Gabrielle, they were kinda like Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins, but with way more sword fights and Greek Gods. These two gave us #FriendshipGoals way back in the ’90s, because Xena and Gabrielle were always there for each other, no matter what, even if they were in severe peril. Fifteen years later, they’re still there for each other.

So, think it’s about time we got that Xena reboot? Lawless has mentioned that she’d love to jump back into the role, and has thought about turning to crowdfunding to make it happen (and we will pay out of our own pocket to make that happen). NBC is also mulling over the idea of bringing Xena back to television, but possibly with a younger warrior princess. BUT we’d really like Lawless back in the role if you’re asking our opinion, NBC.

As of right now, the Xena reboot rumor is just a rumor (Lawless even calls it a rumor). But listen: we’re all very invested in Xena and Gabrielle. Willing to bet these two women can still kick major butt. How about throwing us one big Xena reboot party in Ancient Greece, and everyone is invited? Thanks.

(Image via Instagram, USA Network)