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Ever since we heard about the new X-Files mini-series coming up in January, we have been SO. EXCITED. Comprised of six episodes that will be following Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson, swoon), it’s sure to make our wildest ’90s dreams come true.

Details about the series have been pretty scarce as of late, but we knew we’ll be seeing a few characters from the old show again (such as the Cigarette Smoking Man) and will even be seeing some brand new actors (such as Joel McHale). Oh, and FOX also graced us with a trailer back in July, except it was only 15 seconds long, so we watched it on loop over and over again, hoping to fill the Mulder-and-Scully-shaped hole in our hearts.

But now, we’ve got two new 30-second X-Files revival trailers, guys! And each of those 30 seconds are jam-packed with awesomeness. With a voiceover of Mulder sounding totally badass in the first one, we see Mitch Peleggi as Walter Skinner, and we DEFINITELY SEE A HAND HOLDING A CIGARETTE. Both teasers do a really good job at teasing, because we could not be more pumped to see what will be coming next.

Check out the full two teasers below, X-File lovers. Mulder & Scully forever.

(Image via FOX)