Oh you guys this is so crazy! Next month I will be giving you your last horoscopes of 2013! We will celebrate all signs, and it will be a generally good ol’ time. But for now, let us celebrate those fire signs. Written in the Stars: November 2013 Horoscopes Sagittarius Promise me something? It is your time to shine, my little complacent centaur. This is the time of year where you admittedly become down about life. The seasons are turning from vibrant to dull, and your mood tends to mirror the weather. My advice for you is to power through it all. Remember that even in the boring winter air, there is beauty. At the sight of the first snowflake, run outside barefoot and dance. You know you want to. Other Centaurs: Brad Pitt, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Jay Z, Tyra Banks, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and the wonderful Walt Disney.

. Capricorn 2013 is coming to a close. How was the year for you? Great? Perfect. You have two more months to solidify it as the year in your life–up to this point. Not so great? That’s okay too. You have two more months to flip it upside down. Change your own life. It doesn’t take much. Put your goat horns to the grindstone and make yourself proud. Aquarius “The price of greatness is responsibility.” Well, duh. You are extremely responsible, which means you are extremely, well, great. You already know this. Prove it to everyone else. Pisces It’s a hard knock life, yeah? Instead of treated, you get tricked. Instead of kisses, you get kicked. Well actually, my lovely little fishes, that is not entirely true. Life is unfair for all of us–some more than others, but (not to sound like a broken record) that’s because life is unfair. Instead of dwelling on all of the lemons life has handed you recently, do something positive. I am not going to suggest you make lemonade, but I am going to suggest you stop sucking on lemons. Aries I suggest you make a list and check it twice, Aries. Maybe even three times. There are a lot of people you have overlooked lately, and it is high time you started paying your respects to them. You have a hard time thanking your friends and family, but sometimes the words really need to be spoken. Go for it. “Thank you for being a friend.” It can be as simple as that. Taurus As we gear up for the holiday season, I have some suggestions for keeping your cool. Remember that we are all in this together. Remember that your parents love you. Remember that you are important. Remember that the universe has your back. Remember that life is beautiful. Go get em, bulls. Gemini Have you solidified your holiday plans yet, you gem of a Gem? I know it may seem early, but early is always better than late. (Is that true?) We both know the holidays can be an extremely stressful time for a burden bearer such as yourself. Cut out the stress that you can control. Be preemptive. Solve your own problems. And remember to have fun! Cancer My beautiful watery, overly protected Moon Maiden. Let’s talk. You are the kind of person who loves the holiday season, yet you are also the kind of person who cannot compartmentalize your life. You are allowed to be stressed at work, but happy at home. You are allowed to date and go to bed early. You are allowed to enjoy yourself in the moment. So go for it. Leo Dance under a starlit sky. Can’t find anyone to join you? Go it alone! There are so, so many fun things to do with a partner during the holiday season, but don’t dwell on what could be, little lion man. All you need to worry about is yourself. The rest will follow. You know they always do. You are, after all, the King of the jungle. Virgo Quiet does you well. Amidst the hectic holiday hustle in the coming months, remember that. Don’t get loud just ’cause. Turn up your favorite instrumental holiday tune and keep the peace. It’s okay to always be yourself. Libra
I hada really great conversation the other day, Libra. It was about location versus heart. About seeking out the perfect town/city/place to live. And then I happened upon this quote: “The great opportunity is where you are. Every place is the center of the world.” And I thought, it must be a sign for you. It must be that you cannot decide where you want to end up. I have great news: there is no wrong answer. Home is where the heart is, right? Find your heart, your home will follow. Happy holidays. Scorpio
What would your superhero power be, little Scorpion? Would you become invisible? Instant teleportation? A tree that grew money? You are already a superhero, though. You may not have magical powers (or maybe you do!), but you have the ability to not let much bother you. That is heroic, not to mention enviable. Going into one of the happiest and most stressful times of the year, remember that. Own it. Know that we are all jealous of you because you are a private, artistic, lovely, calm human being and everything you touch is gold. (There’s a superhero power for you.) Featured image via ParadaCreations, Walt Disney image via thewaltdisneycompany.