Holy toledo, y’all! It is August! This is the last of the summer months before we enter MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR! But before I rush us outta here, I still have a birthday to celebrate, and so do a whole lot of Virgos! Let’s get to it!

Written in the Stars: August 2013 Horoscopes

Your passion is lacking. Find it. She loves you, she just needs time. Don’t let it ruin your outlook. Keep to yourself, but speak up more than you have ever in your life. You have a beautiful voice, don’t let on as if you’re passive any longer.Famous Virgs: Niall Horan and Liam Payne, Michael Jackson (RIP), P!nk, Nick Jonas, Rupert Grint, Cameron Diaz, and of course, the ever-so-perfect

Bey. Libra Your balance is strong lately. All of the fire around you has been testing your patience, but you have remained just and helpful. Keep on doing that. It is a rare quality to be able to handle all of the people in your life–the feisty and the calm, the self-absorbed and the hard-to-crack. You have been the one we lean on, we need you to keep it up. Scorpio Like the creepy little insect/animal by the same name, you possess a venom that can paralyze and even kill your prey, Scorpio. You have within you the kind of talent–whether it be words, music, art, etc.–to ruin anyone of your choosing. Decide what you will do with your venom. Like most things in life, there are pros and cons to your abundant talents. Sagittarius Have you picked up a bow and arrow ever before? Archery requires great skill. It requires hand eye coordination, great eyesight, and extreme concentration. When that arrow flies through the air and hits that target, it is more than what it seems. View that path–the space that your arrow is passing through–as an opening in your own life. Seize new opportunities like an archer must seize that opening. You are, after all, the skilled archer, Centaur. Capricorn Your emotions are not always written on your face, but sometimes they certainly are. Not everything is black and white, but a lot of things can be. No one can fool a Capricorn, but that does not mean no one will try. Be even more weary this month, even more cautious around new people than you tend to be regularly. Gold glitters, but not all that glitters is gold. Aquarius Clean your bedroom. This is not a metaphor. Stop right now and deep clean your bedroom. Throw out the math papers from your high school days. Donate books you will never read again, the ones you barely finished in the first place. Condense your makeup bag. Give your old clothes to the shelter. How can you let go, how can you move on, when you are not willing to make room for the new? Start there physically, then try it emotionally. Pisces Oh, you dear little fishy. You have a reputation of being flexible, adaptable, changeable, push-over-y. But you aren’t, are you? Not always, at least. You have much more substance than meets the eye. Not all fish are guppies. It is okay to be vulnerable. Sigh, I know it is cliché, but it is also quite true. Opening up to someone can potentially be your biggest breakthrough yet. You can trust her. She may be just who you have been waiting for. Aries Get out a blank sheet of paper. Write down all of the big events that have happened in your life thus far into the year. Circle, highlight, mark up the page. List the people who have helped you, the ones who you could not do without. List the people who have hurt you, the ones who taught you lessons the hard way. List the people who you have hurt, the ones who sacrificed themselves for you to no avail. It is okay, it happens. Get out a new piece of paper. Write a thank you, write a sorry. Deliver them or keep them to yourself. Feel your stubborn horns soften. Taurus Did you know that every sign has a season? Yours, dear Taurus, is spring, which means we are pretty far from your time to shine. No worries, though. Fall is coming, and then that slow introspective time we call winter. Experience both as if they were your spring. Let yourself take in all of those things you try to avoid–the wind and rain, the darkness, the short days, the long hours. Let yourself love them. I bet you might even learn something. Gemini
“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.” You always have this conundrum, the path choosing, for you are always dealing with two things at once–at least. Though it is over-quoted and cliched, Robert Frost knew what he was talking about. Choose the road less traveled by. Thank him later. Cancer
Like your fellow famous crab Sebastian once said, “Jeez, man, I’m surrounded by amateurs. You want something done, you’ve got to do it yourself.”Then of course, Sebastian breaks into the sweetest Disney song of all time “Kiss the Girl,” but I am not necessarily telling you to go kiss a girl (or a boy), but I am telling you that if you want something done, you have to do it yourself. You specifically, Cancer. You have to do things for yourself. Now, and always, so get out there and grab life by the lapels. Leo
You have been driving a really fast car, speeding down a freeway for quite some time now, at least for the length of this summer. Do us all a favor: merge all the way to the right. Hit the blinker. Get off the freeway. Slow down. Way down. Find a one way street. Drive on it for awhile. Pick a lane, you crazy lioness. You might find what you have never seen before. It’s hard looking out the window when you have been driving so fast. See you in the fall. xoxoxoxo Featured image via paradacreations, Bey image via