Elaina Hundley
Updated Apr 17, 2015 @ 7:07 am

That’s right folks, according to Variety, our main man Ryan Gosling is in negotiations to star in the upcoming reboot of the ’80s classic dystopian thriller, Blade Runner. Never fear we will also be seeing good ol’ Harrison Ford in the sequel too! He’ll reprising his original role as Rick Deckard. Basically: YES.

If you aren’t familiar with the original moody neo-noir flick, here’s a little background: Ridley Scott, also known for Alien (1979) and much more recently, Prometheus (2012) directed the original in 1982 (Scott will be returning to produce). The movie is a huge cult classic.

Set against the backdrop of LA in November 2019, the film follows the story of Rick Deckard (played by young Harrison Ford), an ex police officer who is sent on one last assignment to track down rogue replicants. What are replicants? Replicants are extremely human-like but genetically-engineered beings created to complete dangerous tasks on colonies in space. When replicants attempt to return to earth to meet their maker, “blade runners” (like Deckard) are sent to retire them. Through most of the film, Deckard digs into the depths of dystopian Los Angeles to track down and kill the replicants who ultimately end up preying upon him. Watch the retro trailer below:

So yes, we are 100% PSYCHED there’s a new version on its way. And here are a few of the reasons why:

Gosling, of course!

We are super excited to see Ryan Gosling wow us yet again. In the past few years he has continued to show his expansive range with unexpected roles like “driver” in Drive and Luke in the Place Beyond the Pines. This new role will give him a chance to play a hottie of the future . . . but will he be human or replicant?

What will the future look like?

We are also excited to see what new world the creators of this film have in store. With Ridley Scott still on board there’s a good chance that the film will retain the visual appeal of the original which first captured the attention of its cult following. Also, 2019 was far away when the first flick hit but it’s pretty close now!

Those foxy costumes!

In the original the replicants were clothed in some pretty fetching frocks. We are too excited to see what the apparel will look like this time. Daryl Hannah, who was in the original, just killed it in her sexy futuristic fishnets and blonde blunt cut.

We also know that Denis Villeneuve will direct and production is set to begin next summer. Fingers crossed they get Gosling on lock. More to come, we are totally sure.