Jill Layton
Updated Mar 28, 2016 @ 4:52 pm
Credit: YouTube

The folks over at the HTD YouTube channel have some serious time on their hands and a knack for knowing what humans are interested in watching. They also seems to have an endless supply of matches. HTD put these two things together to bring you this viral video that shows what it’s like when 6,000 matches are lit all at once.

The HTD team set up all the matches in close proximity (but, like, how long did that take?!) to each other and then lit one of the matches on fire. It didn’t take long before all 6,000 were engulfed in flames. As one would imagine, the entire thing is mesmerizing.

The video has received over 13.5 million views, because people clearly love beautiful and moderately dangerous things. Everything seems to be under control, but they did light the fire in a wood box on a wood table, which most definitely should not be attempted at home.

After about 14 minutes, the flame finally dies, and in it’s wake it left what looks like some sort of abstract piece of art.

Check it out:

And if 6,000 matches catching fire wasn’t enough, here’s a three-tiered, 7,000 match cake being lit on fire for your visual enjoyment: